Before entering into an agreement with us regarding your housing disrepair claim it is important that you consider the following information:
  1. We will provide (via our on-line portal) assistance in making your housing disrepair claim only.

  2. To do this we will contact your Landlord and pass on the nature and details of your claim to him/her

  3. We may request specialist services to ascertain the validity of your claim, for example electrical or gas engineers, which could include having to visit your home

  4. We may request further information from you, including sensitive personal information regarding any health conditions you have, if this is relevant to your claim

  5. Your risks:

    You may become liable to pay our fees from your own money if:

    1. you owe your landlord any money, for example rent arrears, and this is offset against the amount awarded to you, and/o
    2. you have other financial liabilities under a Bankruptcy Order (or one is pending), an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) (or one is waiting for creditor approval), or a Debt Relief Order. In these cases, your creditors may have a claim against the award and this could be used to offset any debt(s) with them.
    3. You may be liable for the legal costs of your landlord if your claim fails’ and
    4. you may have to attend Court to provide evidence regarding your claim

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Veriwise Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with permissions as a Claim Management Company (firm reference number 826387).