Welcome to Veriwise

We help all tenants get access to justice, so whatever the issue is with your rented property if your landlord is refusing to fix the problem/issue or just ignoring you, then simply tell us and we resolve the issue directly with your landlord/agent so you don’t have to.

Currently, there are 8.4 Million tenants in the UK many of whom suffer from housing disrepair issues. The current rental housing stock consists of 4.7 Million Private, 1.7 Million Local Authority and 2.4 Million Housing association properties. 

4.6 Million of these properties fail to meet the decent homes standard, 1 Million fail the fit for Human Habitation legal benchmark and over 1 Million have a damp problem*

Unsolved Housing disrepair causes anxiety leading to both mental and medical issues.  

We provide a simple and easy solution for renters to resolve their housing issues. Submit any issues you are experiencing in your rented home and we can quickly identify specific legislation that has been breached and follow these up with your landlord in order to resolve the issue and seek any compensation that you may be due. 

If necessary Veriwise panel of solicitors can commence legal action to resolve the issue and seek compensation through the courts.

*Source English Housing Survey 2015-16