Yes, there are two specific laws that protect you as a tenant. They are the Housing act 1988 and the Homes (fitness for human habitation) act 2018. These laws were passed to ensure the tenants are not forced to live in poor housing conditions.
No. there is a specific law called the Retaliatory eviction and deregulation act 2015 that prevents revenge/retaliatory evictions. It will protect tenants from evictions when they raise a complaint about the condition of their home.
Yes, there is a provision within the law that allows you to make a claim for compensation for things like; inconvenience e.g. disruption to daily life, not having full use of the home, time spent waiting in for tradespeople or inspections, stress, cleaning and financial loss eg extra heating costs. The amount will vary from case to case.
No, the service we offer is free to evaluate and verify your claim. Even if your landlord does not rectify your issue and legal action is required then there are a number of options which could mean there are no costs to you.
We have a higher success rate than individuals trying to resolve issues because we use technology to assess your issue and identify the specifics within the law that it may have infringed. We then communicate directly with your landlord/ or agent and inform them if they choose not resolve the issue with that we may use legal action.
That is up to you but we will contact them on your behalf to inform them that you have instructed us to ensure your issue is resolved and if not we may take legal action.